Jul 022014

Dear Valued Customer,

Following our January announcement about joining Glitchmachines, we have now officially closed our doors. All Inear Display plugins are now discontinued and can no longer be purchased.

Registered users can still access our software installers by downloading the demo versions of most of the plugins from their respective product pages (these can be fully unlocked with your registered software key). No demo versions of Gorgon and R_Mem are available but in case you require access to these installers, you can request them using the contact page on the Inear Display site.

We are setting up a crossgrade procedure for Inear Display customers. This will grant legacy customers access to discount codes that are proportionally scaled based on a percentage of prior purchases. These codes can be used toward purchases of existing and forthcoming Glitchmachines products. More information about this procedure will be available on this website and via a forthcoming newsletter.

Going forward, Inear Display is no longer active and all plugins and new versions of legacy products will be released under the brand name Glitchmachines.

Thanks to each of you for your support in the past two years!

Thomas Hennebert