Eurydice is a semi-modular sound mangling plugin focused on sound design. The original Eurydice was based on two sound buffers, two multimode filters and two crushers. Starting with version 1.2, these blocks can now be combined in multiple ways thanks to the introduction of a patch panel that allows you to bend the signal path to your will.

Even this patch panel takes a new dimension when used in conjunction with the four new signal mixers and two new signal multipliers : all of them can combine both audio and modulation signals opening a wide array of sonic madness.

As in its previous iterations, Eurydice comes with two audio buffers that loop short slices of the incoming audio and can alter the playback speed of the sampled signal, two filters with four modes (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch) that can be morphed, and two bitcrushers with independent mix control.

Eurydice comes with four LFOs that can be morphed using the mixers and multipliers, run synced to the host tempo, retriggered by MIDI, and even used as dirty oscillators by multiplying their frequency by 100.

By default, all these components are routed to emulate the earlier versions of Eurydice, but they can easily be perverted to expand the capacities of the plugin : send an audio signal and a high rate LFO in a multiplier to create a ringmodulation effect, use a buffer looping at very slow speeds as a modulator, or generate raw FM tones by modulating the frequency of a LFO by another high rate LFO…

To keep the workflow intuitive, modulating a parameter or routing an audio signal is as easy as dragging a modulation/audio source onto the desired destination. Most of the parameters can be modulated (either by a modulator such as a LFO or by an audio signal).

Additional features include the ability to resize the plugin interface to fit your display (Windows and Os X only), share your presets between plugin formats and platforms, map your MIDI controller easily using the built-in MIDI learn system, and trigger presets using MIDI program changes.

To get you started, Eurydice comes loaded with a selection of 90 presets from great sound designers and artists Ivo Ivanov, Daed, Abstract Cats, Paperworks and Ted James Butler.


“Eurydice is awesome, I shall be using this for all my up and coming material .”

Valance Drakes - Detund, Alkalinear, Bedroom Research, Onibaba


Demo track by Valance Drakes, processing an ambient pad to add some glitches :

Eurydice is available for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux, as VST (32/64 bit) and AU (32/64 bit, Mac only).

Requirements :

- Windows : Windows XP or higher
- Mac : Mac Os X 10.6 or higher (PPC not supported)
- Linux : kernel 2.6

Make sure to try the demo and test if it is working fine with your configuration before buying ! 

New in version 1.21 (Os X only – 10/24/2013) :
- fixed empty preset menu on Os X 10.9
- version number now displayed on startup

Warning : version 1.2 introduces a new preset format so presets made with previous versions are not compatible with this one (please finish your current works before updating!).

If you are updating the AU version and the AU validation fails, please remove the file “Eurydice.component” from “Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/” and re-install the new version.

TRY THE DEMO (limitation : output will be lowered every 30 seconds) :


BUY NOW (30€ – all platforms and formats / Linux version is free of charge)


Features :

  • 2 audio buffers with speed control (up to 1 second looping)
  • 2 multimode filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch) with morph control
  • 2 bitcrushers with mix control
  • 4 LFOs (tempo sync and high rate modes)
  • 4 signal mixers
  • 2 signal multipliers
  • Patch panel (works by drag and drop)
  • Drag and drop modulations directly on the controls panel
  • Randomizer
  • MIDI learn
  • MIDI program change support
  • Vector based resizable User Interface (Resizing only on Windows and Os X)
  • Cross-platform presets
  • 90 factory presets
  • Lifetime free updates for registered customers
Video tutorials by Ted James Butler :

Eurydice Controls PanelEurydice Patch Panel