Tkapik is an amplitude controlled generative sampler plugin. Add it to a track, then load a sound file and Tkapik will trigger the sample with random settings every time an amplitude peak is detected in the input signal. The sample can either be mixed with the input according to its amplitude envelope or completely replace the signal using the “solo” mode.
Don’t get fooled by the minimalist interface : being sample-based, Tkapik opens a wide array of sonic possibilities. You can use it to simply layer a kick drum with some field recordings or in a more extreme way to replace a whole part by a chaos of random drills and glitches. When the sample is triggered, its start offset, loop points and optionally pitch are randomized, giving you surprising results every time.
Additional features include the ability to resize the plugin interface to fit your display (Windows and Os X only), and map your MIDI controller easily using the built-in MIDI learn system.
By its very nature, Tkapik has no preset system, but its state will be properly recalled when re-opening a project in your DAW.


Tkapik is available for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux, as VST (32/64 bit) and AU (32/64 bit, Mac only).


Audio demos :

Tkapik processing a simple drum loop using samples from Glitchmachines amazing Spiral and Fragment macropacks.

  • 0-10 sec : dry
  • 10-32 sec : Tkapik processing everything excepth the hi-hat in “mix” mode
  • 32 sec-end : Tkapik processing everything except the hi-hat in “solo” mode


Audio demo by AbstractCats :

Drums only :


Synth only :


Full Mix :


System requirements :

  • Mac : Mac OsX 10.6 or higher (Intel only)
  • Windows : Windows XP or higher
  • Linux : kernel 2.6

Please try the demo and test if it is working fine with your configuration before buying !


TRY THE DEMO (limitation : output will be lowered every 30 seconds) :

BUY NOW (20€ – all platforms and formats / Linux version is free of charge)


Features :

  • Sampler supporting wav and aiff audio files
  • Sample triggering based on input signal amplitude
  • Combine the sample and the input signal using the envelope follower
  • Replace the input signal using the solo mode
  • Random start offset, loop points and optionally pitch on every trigger
  • User defined range for pitch random
  • Sample reverse
  • MIDI learn
  • Vector based resizable user interface (Windows and Os X only)
  • Lifetime free updates for registered users


Video Demos by Ted James Butler :