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effectVersion 1.4

Granular Exploration Box

Litote is a granular audio effect plugin which can turn any sound into a dramatic texture. Four audio engines can be combined using a XY pad for a wide range of variations.

Litote can delegate patch creation to a smart randomizer for instant gratification and endless possibilities. Alternatively, you can design textures from scratch using the Engine Editor which gives you control over the processing parameters.

By enabling the Trajectory Mode, Litote can travel through these granular landscapes by itself, allowing perpetually evolving sounds.

39€ + VAT

Audio Demos

Litote is applied to all the sounds in this track with different settings and mix amounts.

Audio Demo by Atomic Shadow

Realtime demo/play/experiment with Litote. Video by Makunouchi Bento.



  • 4 Audio Processing Engines
  • Audio Processing based on a mix of Granulators, Resonators and Diffusion Delays
  • Interpolation of the 4 Engines Outputs using a XY Pad
  • Edit Individual Engine Parameters
  • Lock Left and Right Channels to use the same settings or use separate settings for each channel
  • Trajectory Mode to automatically control the XY pad Position
  • Ability to control the Trajectory X and Y Ranges and Speeds
  • XY pad Position available as Automatable Parameters in the host
  • Input and Processed signals Amplitude controls
  • Dry/Wet Mix Control
  • Global Sound Randomizer
  • Dedicated Sound Randomizers for each of the 4 Audio Engines
  • Trajectory Randomizer
  • Copy and Paste settings across engines
  • Option to set a new Seed for the Randomizers
  • Audio Output Visualizer
  • Resizable user interface
  • MIDI Learn for the pad X and Y parameters
  • 10 factory presets
  • Cross-Platform presets