Bucephal 1.2 screenshot

Bucephal is a sound mangling plugin based on two delay lines designed to be mutated by four modulators freely assignable to the time and feedback .

You can distort the delay time across the 2-second range according to the input signal peaks using one of the two envelope followers and let the feedback bounce up and down using one of the 2 LFOs.

You can choose how to combine both delay outputs using one of the seven mix modes, then send the resulting signal through the waveshaper to either gently clip the peaks or totally destroy the sound using the brutal “Dirt” mode borrowed from our Gorgon distortion plugin.

Flange, crush, pitchshift, stutter or distort your sounds in a matter of seconds with Bucephal’s clean single panel interface, or reach inhuman glitches in one click using the built-in randomizer.

Additional features include the ability to resize the plugin interface to fit your display (Windows and Os X only), share your presets between plugin formats and platforms, map your MIDI controller easily using the built-in MIDI learn system, trigger presets using MIDI program changes, and retrigger the LFOs by sending them MIDI notes.

To get you started, Bucephal comes loaded with a selection of great presets by acclaimed sound designers Ivo Ivanov of GLITCHMACHINES and SI BEGG (Soundcloud, Twitter).


“Bucephal is one of my favorite new ways to contort the spectrum. A must-have addition to any sonic arsenal. Highly recommended!”

Ivo Ivanov / Glitchmachines


“This plugin allows nearly an infinity of sounds, completely experimental ones and even “noise” ones.”
Qebrus (Bedroom Research, Institubes, …)


“Bucephal is a nice tool to jam and feed your samplers with twisted noise in order to sequence Avant-Garde music…”
Randomatik Blast (BRK, Marionnette Records, Kor A Kor, …)


This demo was made with version 1.0 of Bucephal.


Bucephal is available for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux, as VST (32/64 bit) and AU (32/64 bit, Mac only).

Requirements :
- Windows : Windows XP or higher
- Mac : Mac Os X 10.6 or higher (PPC not supported)
- Linux : kernel 2.6
Please try the demo and test if it is working fine with your configuration before buying !


New in version 1.23 (Os X only – updated 10/24/2013) :

- fixed empty preset menu on Os X 10.9

- version number now displayed on startup

Warning : version 1.2 introduces a new preset format so presets made with previous versions are not compatible with this one (please finish your current works before updating!).


TRY THE DEMO (limitation : output will be lowered every 30 seconds) :

exe Bucephal for Windows (version 1.22)
zip Bucephal for Os X (version 1.2.3)
gz Bucephal for Linux - FREE (version 1.2.2)


BUY NOW (20€ – all platforms and formats / Linux version is free of charge)


User guide :   pdf Bucephal user guide (version 1.22)

Features :

  • 2 parallel delay lines with up to 2 seconds length
  • Time parameter interpolation for nice pitch artifacts
  • 2 envelope followers freely assignable to time and feedback parameters
  • 2 LFOs (with optional tempo sync) freely assignable to time and feedback parameters
  • Classic waveforms for the LFOs (sin, square, saw up, saw down, triangle, sample and hold)
  • 7 mix modes to combine the output of the delay lines
  • 3 waveshaper modes : soft clipper, hard clipper and “Dirt”
  • Randomizer
  • MIDI learn
  • MIDI program change support
  • retrigger LFOs by MIDI
  • Vector based resizable User Interface (Resizing only on Windows and Os X)
  • Cross-platform presets
  • Factory presets by acclaimed sound designers Ivo Ivanov of GLITCHMACHINES and SI BEGG
  • Lifetime free updates for registered customers