Inear Display

Creative VST and Audio Unit Plugins

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I install the plugins on multiple computers?
  • You can use the plugins on as many computers as you want as long as these computers are yours.
  • What are the demo versions limitations?
  • The demo versions of the plugins show a nag screen when opening the editor, have presets saving disabled and their output will be lowered at a regular interval.
  • What copy protection method do you use?
  • None. Once you have purchased a plugin, you can download a fully unlocked installer.
  • Are updates free?
  • Point releases of a plugin (version 1.0 up to 1.9 for example) are free for registered users.
  • Can a license for a plugin be used for multiple seats?
  • No, if you want to purchase a plugin license for several employees you need to get one license per seat.
  • Is my personal information safe when I purchase a plugin?
  • Yes, no personal data goes through our server. Your purchases are securely handled by Gumroad, our payment processor.
  • Do the prices displayed on the website include VAT?
  • No, as the VAT depends on your country it will be automatically calculated by Gumroad and displayed during the checkout process.
  • What about RTAS/AAX versions?
  • No plans in the near future.
  • What about iOS apps?
  • No plans in the near future.
  • What about Linux support?
  • There used to be Linux versions of the older Inear Display plugins. Supporting Linux again is not totally out of the question, but there are no concrete plans at the moment.
  • What happened to Rmpx4/Gorgon/Oxymore/Eurydice?
  • These are available from Glitchmachines under different names : Convex (Rmpx4), Subvert (Gorgon), Hysteresis (Oxymore), Cryogen (Eurydice).
  • What happened to SicknDstroy?
  • Regressif packs most of the functions of SicknDstroy and adds more tools, better audio algorithms and a cleaner user interface.